The owner of the Southern Queen cruise ship hires the Townsend Agency to investigate the murder of one of his passangers, Lisa Blake.  Lisa told the purser that she saw an escaped criminal on the ship and she was mysteriously drowned.  They believe that the ship is being used to help escaped criminals skip the country.  The angels and Bosley must take a cruise and find out who is running the operation and break it up.

Sabrina goes undercover as a criminal trying to escape the country, Kelly as the activities director and Kris and Bosley as guests.  Kelly sets up Bosley with another one of the passengers called Joan, who has recently lost her husband and Bosley grows very attached to her.  Kelly is scared her cover is blown when a rope holding a piece of heavy equipment is cut and just misses falling on her.  The captain of the ship confronts Kelly and tells her that he knows she is a detective and that he is sure that Lisa Blakes death was an accident.

Kris gets friendly with the ships musician, Mark Correlli as he is a prime suspect since he was on board when Lisa Blake died.

Another attempt is made on Kellys life when she is lured into the boiler room and a fire is started behind her blocking her from the exit.  Kris is suspicious when Kelly doesn't return so she goes to the boiler room with Bosley and they arrive just in time to rescue Kelly.

Kris goes snooping in Mark Correllis room and finds fake passports and printing equipment used to make passports.  She also overhears Correlli telling an accomplice, Leo, that they are going to kill Kelly.

Kelly is kidnapped by Correlli and Leo and taken to the pool where the head of the operation - the ships doctor is waiting for them.  Sabrina, Kris and Kelly arrive at the pool in time to rescue Kelly and capture the criminals.  Bosley discovers that Joan has murdered her husbands and is also an escaped fugitive.

Case solved, thay arrive back at the office.  Bosley is upset so the others take him out to lunch to cheer him up.

Season 3